I will be performing in the next week with Lubomyr Melnyk  in Brussels, London and Berlin. I created the album cover for his acclaimed album “Corollaries.”

Any opportunity to see Lubomyr perform would be an amazingly rewarding occasion.  When I was asked to perform with him on stage, literally feet away from the source that had been the impetus for these works, I was interested to say the least. I have always been skeptical of the “stage painter,” yet when I was asked to perform with Lubomyr I shed any pretentions about what an “artist” does. I listen to this music in my studio all the time, why would I not take Erased Tapes (Lubomyr’s record label) up on the offer to have it performed live while I make the work? I could find no compelling reason not to.

I will be creating three 48 x 96 works, one in each location. They will be similar to the work that was created for the album cover (sumi on porcelain coated steel).

Check out the Erased Tapes website for details.


Watch the video of the making of the album covers.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 9.45.27 PM