Burying the vertical in the new forms of suspension - Palo Alto Art Center Installation

  • Categories: Installation

Sculpture Magazine AUG 2018 “Euclide has developed a unique diorama-esque genre that could be described, however imperfectly, as painting into sculpture… His landscapes shift back and forth from painted illusion to quirky model, sometimes partially enclosed within plastic bubbles or arranged on shelves. Euclide’s worlds conjoin and transform the natural and the manmade until it is almost impossible to separate them. His combination of Illusion and reality – romantic landscapes and the detritus of civilization – makes it difficult to look at beautiful vistas without thinking about the hidden agendas behind them” – Maria Porges.

“The pieces in “Through That Which is Seen” possess a childlike sense of possibility. This is a perspective that artist Gregory Euclide, whose dioramas cascade out of picture frames in falls of glass and greenery, embraces.

“There is something about a child’s understanding of the world … that is less hindered by the realities of time and space. … It relates more to what they need or want,” Euclide says. “There is no impossible.”” SF Chronicle