real, natural and unsustainable: joseph gross gallery @ the university of arizona tucson

  • Categories: Installation
  • Year: 2010
  • Media: Acrylic, craft paper, eurocast, fertilizer, found plastic, garbage from Tucson, lichen, moss, organic material from Tucson, Palm Tree, Plastic bucket, soil from tucson, sponge, string, tumble weed, water, wood lumber.

“in real, natural, and unsustainable, gregory euclide creates an environment that is both critically observant and wryly humorous. his characteristic dioramic landscapes sit atop dust devil-like structures that sprout from the floor. these ethereal, bucolic topographies are precariously balanced by buckets of water, representing the abundance of golf courses within tucson’s arid desert. euclide utilizes local flora from the city within each structure; bits of palm husks and tumbleweed grow from the wooden structures beneath the rillito riverbed scenes. plastic bags and driftwood protrude from the island vistas to create an artificial dreamscape reminiscent of golf courses. on the outskirts of the metro area lies model resort communities formed from fertilizer. the installation is both idyllic and disturbing when critically examined within the context of the city. euclide’s work physically references the tension between our wants and our need to preserve the natural world.”

brooke grucella, curator, joseph gross gallery
school of art, university of arizona